Crate County Gavril HDX pack

Crate County Gavril HDX pack 5.8

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This is my second mod (However some of the things covered might show a bit so be aware) so enjoy!
This is a fictional Thomas HDX trying to fit in with a Gavril CB-40 from
One of the first HDX's on QG!
Graysonk95: Original Mod
Goldenboy76: Sounds and seat textures
GLO: Engine sounds
Me: The rest of the skin and truck files
If you own something else in this mod but your name isn't here, ask me in the discussion so that way I can add you to the credits, it can also be someone else
NOTICE: Some of these things are not mine. The original bus belongs to Graysonk and the resources and stuff are from Goldenboy76. These belong to their creators. Also, if you are going to edit anything on this bus, please give credits to Graysonk, me, GLO, and Goldenboy76. Thank you!
Inspired by the Clark County School District Thomas HDX's
This Pack includes:VersionBus Number
2022 Gavril HDX1.015809
2019 Gavril HDX5.215807
2015 Gavril HDX5.215808
2012 Gavril HDX1.115356
2011 Gavril HDX1.113521
2007 Gavril HDX1.019404
2004 Gavril HDX1.019403
Please note: I made some typos in Detroit DD8 but it’s gonna be a made up engine.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Editing zip + new bus

    2010 Gavril HDX has been released! About the editing zip. Some people might want to mod the...
  2. New Turn Signal, again again.

    Another new turn signal and is the latest one on the HDX's. (The chime is toned down.)
  3. New font, new bus, new stuff

    What's new: 2021 Gavril HDX released! New font! (Bebas Neue instead of squished Oswald) Looking...

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A good mod
This Mod is very amazing. I have already used it so much.

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