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  1. No onw @ No onw:
    @max103003, Nope not yet
  2. M @ max103003:
    anything new? Its been awful quiet
  3. No onw @ No onw:
  4. B @ bradjstover98:
  5. T @ tinythegamer1:
    yo where can i find the discord server linv
  6. mr cars @ mr cars:
    did i miss something
  7. No onw @ No onw:
    Then goodbye Mr. zero
  8. G @ Guest:
    I know but It will work out fine
  9. No onw @ No onw:
    @MR.Zero, I`m sad that your leaving
  10. G @ Guest:
    All I can do is learn how to mod lights or truck files:(
  11. G @ Guest:
    It is not easy to mod lights, sorry you did not like it:(
  12. C @ Craigster628:
    Love how the horrible vision mod was deleted after i posted my honest review of a F
  13. saftlinerc2 @ saftlinerc2:
    Dang here I am approving it but it was deleted
  14. J. Flores @ J. Flores:
    ew no @No onw
  15. busfan2004 @ busfan2004:
  16. busfan2004 @ busfan2004:
  17. No onw @ No onw:
    @J. Flores, Please make a working Bluebird b60 and s1800
  18. No onw @ No onw:
    @J. Flores, Aye yo WTF?
  19. J. Flores @ J. Flores:
    Cry ab it (insert among us booty gif)
  20. J. Flores @ J. Flores:
    There’s no mods to approve it
  21. J. Flores @ J. Flores:
    No I didn’t
  22. No onw @ No onw:
    C3M was the imposter 0 imposters remain
  23. C @ Craigster628:
    haha jon f removed his pack lol
  24. C3M @ C3M:
  25. No onw @ No onw:
    @C3M, Sussy