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  1. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    @mr cars I tried recording again and it sounds like I have a mic on my pc I didn’t even know about so I’ll turn that off
  2. mr cars @ mr cars:
    ya i agree with no onw
  3. N @ No onw:
    @busboyc2_21-08, It might be because the mic is too close to the speakers
  4. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    @No onw I use geforce recorder to record my videos for yt (ROR Busdriver) and for some reason, the recording audio sounds like a bug echo
  5. N @ No onw:
    @busboyc2_21-08, With what?
  6. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Would anyone mind helping me out with something
  7. N @ No onw:
  8. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    Top of the morning to ya lads!
  9. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    But for now, we can do it later on if your good with that
  10. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    @BusLover1945 Bus 466 We can play NCPS rockton
  11. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    so... waht ur gonna do is to make it so viewers can see the drive for everyone instead of only restricted (Only people invited can see link)
  12. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Yes, how can we do that though
  13. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    @busboyc2_21-08, Can u send the drive on a private message?
  14. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    7:31 PM EDT
  15. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    what's your time
  16. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    Sure! I would
  17. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Actually this was a folder left over from the last person I played with, He's now onto other stuff
  18. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Anyone wanna play ror later tonight? I can get a drive folder together of all the mods we can use
  19. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
  20. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Our new C2 was a HUGE upgrade to our 2006 ic ce300, it had a radio, AC and it was more roomy
  21. BusLover1945 Bus 466 @ BusLover1945 Bus 466:
    Lukee updated the new pack but he hasnt given me the link yet so update will be due soon! Stay tuned for the update of the new pack!
  22. MR.Zero @ MR.Zero:
    We got our new bus ( Thomas C2 ) about 3 years ago and I like!::)(y)
  23. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    @MR.Zero Back when I rode the bus, my bus route was 90% dirt roads. But in the final 2 months before I quit riding, we got a new c2 and the afternoon route completely changed and I'll tell you what, it was the best way to end my time riding the bus
  24. MR.Zero @ MR.Zero:
    I live on a 75% dirt bus route so I 100% ARGEE
  25. busboyc2_21-08 @ busboyc2_21-08:
    Who else agrees we need more country like school maps, just like rockton