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Jun 17, 2021
Fans of the game were disappointed when it was recently announced that Amazon Games, the developer of New Worlds, had postponed the release date to September 28, 2021. They justify the delay with the higher quality and a hopefully error-free publication.

The feedback from the players who took part in the closed beta test at the end of July and the beginning of August gave the necessary impetus. It seems that the developers took a little more time fine-tuning the version.

Back to the game: New Worlds is a fantasy MMORP game based on the fantasy island Aeternum, which is supposed to symbolize Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. The events take place in the 16th century. Players can join factions known as alliances, looters, or syndicates, form guilds, participate in global PvP and conquer cities. Each player starts at level 1 and then progresses to level 60, the beginning of the endgame.

At the beginning, but equally important at the top end of the game, the new world game currency called Coins is a much-needed necessity. Coins are almost everywhere, as is the World of Warcraft TBC gold used in World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade. There are two ways to acquire coins in the game, either by farming and collecting coins, or by purchasing new world coins through websites like SSEGold.

Farming and collecting New World coins
If you're familiar with any of the other major MMO games, the process is very similar with a few exceptions. The normal ways to make money are almost identical: the

Plunder. Always loot slain NPC enemies and sell their supplies to the game provider. Differentiate between looted items as certain items can be sold or traded to other players at the auction house at a higher price.

Complete quests. Completing quests will not only give you the experience you need for upgrades but also quest rewards in the form of equipment upgrades and various amounts of coins. When you don't need the equipment, you can always get rid of it at the supplier in exchange for a few coins.

Take advantage of the professions. The professions are divided into 3 subgroups. The profession of collector allows you to use the resource nodes of the New World and store resources such as wood, stone, various ores, and herbs. You can sell these or reuse them through refinement and crafting by making valuable items and selling them to other players for a large number of coins.

Grow rare items. As in any game, unique and specific NPCs known as monsters drop the resources needed to craft valuable, high-quality equipment. As you level up, it is the equivalent of growing airborne particles in World of Warcraft, which are necessary for crafting rare and epic leather gear. Not much is known about the New World yet, but rare items and their loot rates will be revealed soon after the game is released.

Buy cheap New World coins. This can be done through a third-party website. Ordinarily, game developers like Amazon Games would not condone buying and selling game currency for "real money", but it is a known fact that the majority of people at some point use sites like SSEGold to buy services and make their games more enjoyable. The buying process is very simple: you choose the amount you want, enter your character's name and then receive the coins in-game.
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