New World: What ot do when you Level up 60


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Jun 17, 2021
Have you reached the highest level in the New World and do not know how to proceed? This comprehensive guide covers your first steps in the wrecking ball.

The New World stump starts at level 60. It's exhausting and there is more to do than you think, even if most of the content is still a bit broken at the moment. While PvE encompasses Elite Parkour and Wreck Dungeons, and PvP revolves around Outpost Rush (currently disabled) and Wreck Wars, grind focuses on upgrading equipment stats and reaching the maximum trade skill levels.

However, once you hit 60, the game won't tell you what to do next. This guide describes the first steps you need to take when you reach the top level.

The first task at level 60

You will complete the main storyline (and get the level 5 Azoth staff) as you approach level 60, depending on which upgrade path you choose in the game.

Your main goal is to complete the quests offered by Eintou Madaki in the Broken Mountains. After completing a series of side quests, unlock the Madaki's Strategy quest, which upon completion will give you a legendary weapon - provided you are level 20 and rank 60 with the weapon.

These missions are not easy. You'll be sent to different high-level areas to collect weapon materials, and it's much easier to hang out with a friend (or multiple friends).

At the end of the quest, you will be rewarded with an epic weapon with an equipment value of 580. These are probably better than what you can find on the market, but you should check out the 580+ guns when players start making and selling their premium gear.

Start a Gear Score Grind

If you want to equip a weapon with a score greater than 580, you have three options: craft, buy, or grind. Upgrading your equipment points is a tedious process, but ultimately, it's worth it if you want to prepare for wreck expeditions and future wreck content.

New level 60 secondary farming and treasure chest routes - you should check out some areas like the Scorched Mines and Lonely Ascent in the Broken Mountains, which are good up to around 550-560 gear points. You should also check out Malvolence in Edengrove, Mangled Heights in Great Cleave, Imperial Palace in Ebonscale, and Eternal Pools in Reekwater.

Essential Farm and Treasure Chest Routes - Once you have a gear score of 550-560, you can embark on some of the major routes such as the elite High Myrkgard in the Broken Mountains and Siren's Strand in Reekwater.

Broken portals

Running the Wreckage Corrupted portals are a great source of azoth, loot, and gold. Closing the major damage exploit around Myrkgard is great fun (although it takes time, the loot is currently disabled), and you will need to build portals to get the mats for the final orb of adaptation.

There's little more to do than watch the Portal Runs chat and do it whenever possible. If you open them up again, the bugs will get big. Note the picture accompanying this entry - this is the error that occurred while trying to complete the portal. There are still issues with the game.

Rush Outpost

Now disabled, Outpost Rush will become a mainstay of Stump PvP content. Whether you win or lose, you get a bunch of New World coins and azoth which is very fun.

Even if you're not a huge fan of PvP, it's a great part of the stalemate. It's worth a try because it's unlike any other part of the game. There are far fewer wagons and less focus on the type of "meat grinder" targeting system than there is in war, and the mode can be played one after the other with friends or random characters.

If you want to know what the mode is all about, we've written a guide for Outpost Rush based on the closed beta at

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