(OUTDATED) Introducing the Photon RE(s)! - RoR Only

(OUTDATED) Introducing the Photon RE(s)! - RoR Only 1.0.0

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Sep 5, 2020
Jasper1987 submitted a new mod:

Introducing the Photon RE(s)! - RoR Only - One of the best fictional buses created in Rigs of Rods with many features!

Have you ever wondered what a fictional vehicle with some "high tech" would look like if it was ever made? Have you been looking for a decent rear engine school bus in Rigs of Rods that's public? Maybe even one with a low skirt and many fuel options other than diesel? Well you're in luck, because today, on September 29th of 2020, at the very moment you're reading this, it is being released for the public to enjoy. Introducing the Photon RE!
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The Photon RE is a...
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