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Sep 5, 2020
Chicago, IL

Welcome to Quantum Gaming News, your trusted news source for news inside and out of the community!

Tonight we will be discussing the major moments that occurred in the month of January, as well as achievements and more. We seek to bring you the most up to date and correct news that any community could ever ask for.

Personnel Updates
Kicking off our news program, we had some personnel updates at Quantum Gaming throughout the month. Chris, former administrator at Quantum, departed from our staff team mid January. We thank Chris for the large amount of time that he put into our Quantum brand. He has helped us through times of need and we thank him and wish him luck on anything he may pursue in the future.

On another note, we also congratulate several members who have begun their journey here on the Quantum Gaming staff team. Evan, Jordan, Kevon, Jon, Caleb and Zackary, thank you for showing interest in our team. We are glad to see you keeping our community safe!

New Game
One of our events this month consisted of trying out a new game! We tried out Skribblo.io, which if you're not familiar is a fun live multiplayer draw and guess game, and it was definitely a favorite amongst staff and members! We will most definitely be coming back to this one!

Whoopsie Daisy!!
Over the course of January, there was a leaking incident over at Quantum ISD. Framing and false accusations aside, staff took action and the company will proceed along, transporting students safely!

New Years Giveaways
Thanks to Scotty, one of our moderators here, we were able to provide a fun ending to the grim year that was 2020. Quantum Gaming gave away 2 games this year, ATS and ETS2, along with DLC! Thank you Scotty!

MLK Day Recognition
We thank our members for recognizing and living the legacy of the dreams that Martin Luther King Jr. once had.

Staff Changes at Cumberland County
Andy Mills decided to step down from the staff team at Cumberland County. Tyler May (administrator at Quantum) has assumed his position and they hope to operate as normal. They thank him for his time and service and hope to continue as normal!

More Releases
Brandynn released his Gillig Pack this Christmas. With community feedback being very high, this is shaping up to be the best, highest quality transit bus pack out there today. Get it here!

Jason, one of the modelers who produced content for Rigs of Rods, decided to part ways with the community, focusing on bigger and better things. We thank him for his time and wish him luck!


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