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Jul 2, 2020
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At Quantum Gaming, we want to give our members the best experience imaginable. We have decided to implement a leveling system into our discord server (which will eventually move to the entire network) to give our members access to perks. Read the following information to see what perks you gain when you level up.

Member: The Member rank is the default rank of individuals who join the server. They haven't interacted with the server as much.
  • This rank gets no extra perks.
  • Level 0-10

Elite Member: This is the second tier to the leveling system. These members are entitled to the bare minimum perks available.
  • Access to the levels advertisement channel.
  • Prioritized suggestions.
  • Level 11-21.

Blue Member: These members contain everything in the Elite Member section plus these additional perks.
  • These members gain access to exclusive giveaways.
  • Access to exclusive events.
  • Level 22-32

Epic Member: The Epic members are those who have given us excellent activity. They are entitled to everything above plus the following:
  • Access their own text and voice chat.
  • Access to add their YouTube channel to the YouTube text feed.
  • Level 33-49

Supreme Member: The supreme members are the highest members in the discord server. They have access to everything above and the following:
  • Allowed to host events moderated by QG staff.
  • Access to future publications.
  • Level 50+.

A member can have their XP removed if they're found exploiting our automated leveling system. You may also have your ranks removed entirely.
You may gain xp from voice chat and text chat.
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